Bellwethr Automated AI Platform

In it's simplest form, AI/machine learning is the search for similarities.

You simply use computers to find complex similarities in data and then use those similarities to predict on current data.

Building AI models in the traditional manner is also a completely over-engineered process. It is typically a static process. The data is prepared by a data scientist who trains the models on one computer then deploys to a server. The result is a tremendous investment in time, money, and you end up with quickly outdated models and privacy-concerns.

With Bellwethr anyone can design and then deploy artificial intelligence models and each will prepare the input data, train/learn/evaluate continously, and provide predictions or insights. This allows private data to stay private as well as your models can improve incrementally and continuously.

The Traditional Approach

Automated, Privacy-Preserving, Continuously Improving Artificial Intelligence

Products Built On The Platform

While we have built the simplest artificial intelligence tools currently available, we understand that it's not enough. We believe that AI should be available to anyone, no matter their technical background. This requires specificity. At Bellwethr we're building specific use cases for AI so you know exactly what you're building and what the value is.

Our first product, UTurn, is an application that utilizes our platform to predict high lifetime value customer exits for business. This was only the start. We have more AIs launching daily and if you don't see what you're looking for, simply request a custom AI!