Delivering Value
& No A**Holes

Our team strives to deliver INCREDIBLE value for our customers and most importantly we don't want to work with a**holes.

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Our core values

At Bellwethr, we believe that passion, communication, humility and lack of convention are the keys to creating value for our customers and for each individual team member.

  • NA (No A**holes)
  • Empathy
  • Weird
  • Craftsmanship
  • Fun
  • Humility
Careers at Bellwethr


Why join us?

(TLDR: Because we pay well and as mentioned above, no a**holes allowed).


Fast growing company

We are quickly growing start-up in the exploding machine learning industry.


Great Colleagues

Reminder: We don't hire a**holes.


Take Charge

Be treated as an adult. We don't do "rah-rah".


Never stop learning

An atmosphere where learning is always on the to do list.


Innovative Technologies

Working experience in cutting edge technologies.


Cross domain exposure

Highly cohesive team of technology and business people.


Careers Open Now

We are always looking for unique individuals to join the team. Check out our open positions and send us your resume.

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(Or send a funny picture, or whatever else you think would be interesting... unless you are an a**hole, in which case send it to