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Customer Retention

Identifying which customers are at-risk is one thing. Taking a series of actions to prevent it is another.

When it comes to the bottomline, customer retention is king. Bellwethr identifies the variables and actions necessary to keep each unique customer.

Compare Customers From The Past To Current Customers

Bellwethr identifies patterns in variables and actions that company has taken in the past that have resulted in positive outcomes as well as those actions that are associated with negative outcomes. These patterns are utilized in real-time to automate the customer retention process.

Taking Action

Knowing when a customer is at risk is the only the first step. You still need to take action to retain them. Whether it's a phone call, an email, a discount, or something more extravagant, Bellwethr enables you to take automatic actions without any extensive work. Pick from a range of trigger actions.

Integrations: Connecting To Data

Stripe Payments

SQL Database

Custom Integrations

Actions: Taking Action On At-Risk Customers


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