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Lifetime Value Clusters

Identify and take action on clusters of customers based on their overall lifetime value.

When it comes to handling existing customers or attracting new customers, lifetime value should be addressed immediately. However, identifying clusters of high lifetime value customer or low lifetime value customers is complex. Bellwethr makes this process as simple as two clicks.

Improve Satisfaction Amongst Your High Lifetime Value Customers

Stop spreading your customer satisfaction efforts too thin, and instead, focus your efforts based on the overall value for each individual customer. Targeting and personalization should extend beyond your marketing efforts. With Bellwethr, this becomes simple.

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Attract New Customers Who Are Similar To Your Best Customers

When you know which customers are your best, you can target additional customers who are similar. Once Bellwethr identifies your clusters of high lifetime value customers, it's as simple as one click to port the cluster to Facebook's Custom Audiences so you can target "look-a-like" audiences. This will drive down your marketing costs and each new customer is more likely to end up being a great customer.

Integrations: Connecting To Data

Stripe Payments

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Custom Integrations

Actions: Taking Action On Clusters

Building Email Lists

Building Look-A-Likes

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