Better Together: ReCharge and Bellwethr RetentionEngine

Better Together: ReCharge and Bellwethr RetentionEngine

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Selina Marshall
January 30, 2020

ReCharge is an excellent billing platform. It’s one of our favorites, which is why Bellwethr integrates seamlessly with your ReCharge account.

We love ReCharge’s powerful ecommerce features like subscription billing, automated workflows, and Theme Engine, which is used to build customized subscriptions. Managing your business has never been easier. 

Here’s how Bellwethr RetentionEngine makes ReCharge even better: Retention.

Bellwethr RetentionEngine allows you to ask customers WHY they are canceling, and then offer an incentive to stay. If that doesn’t work, customers are given the option to PAUSE their subscription instead of canceling. Finally, the last effort is to remind customers what they’ll be missing by canceling. 

Don’t stop giving your customers a good experience just because they want to cancel! Bellwethr RetentionEngine is easy to use and customizable, making it a seamless extension of your brand. Most importantly, it gives you a fighting chance to retain customers without hostage holding.

Why ReCharge Customers Need Bellwethr RetentionEngine 

If you’re a ReCharge customer, you might know ReCharge has a retention feature as well. Why would you need an add-on like RetentionEngine? 

To start, let’s hear from a real-life ReCharge customer on the matter:

“If you’re a company that cares about keeping customers and reducing customer churn, RetentionEngine is a “need to have,” not a “nice to have.” The support staff is sharp and easy to work with. Nothing but good things to say about the whole experience.”

Nothing makes us happier than when your customers are happy. Here are three other reasons why Recharge is better with Bellwethr RetentionEngine: 

Reason #1: AI-Optimized Retention

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking for ways to optimize your business. It’s probably why you’re on Recharge in the first place. Your goal is to streamline operations and grow your sales. 

Recharge lets you survey customers on why they’re canceling, then offer an incentive to stay based on their answer. The problem is, how do you make those incentives better over time? 

Answer: AI-Optimization with Bellwethr RetentionEngine.

RetentionEngine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to understand which offers work on which types of customers. All you have to do is think up different offers to test out, and RetentionEngine takes care of the rest. 

Here’s an example of an offer from a RetentionEngine customer: 

As RetentionEngine learns which offers perform best, your retention strategy becomes more and more efficient. For instance, RetentionEngine will learn when NOT to offer a discount when a non-monetary incentive will suffice. Or, it could figure out that a 12% discount is just as effective at retaining customers as a 15% discount (True story, by the way). 

As a business owner, which discount would you prefer to give out? Bellwethr RetentionEngine helps you save customers and your profit margin at the same time. 

Reason #2: Go Beyond Cancellation Offers

AI-optimized cancellation offers are great, but that’s just the start with Bellwethr RetentionEngine. 

RetentionEngine allows you to create an entire cancellation workflow aimed at retaining customers without holding them hostage. At each step, you’re throwing a life raft out to a customer lost at sea. All they have to do is grab it.  

Here’s the cancellation flow that works best for our customers:

The pause option is a game-changer for RetentionEngine customers. It shouldn’t be your first retention offer, but it certainly beats losing a customer entirely. Plus, it gives your business an automatic win-back opportunity. 

Reason #3: Stop the Gamers

The most common retention offer is a discount. Everyone loves discounts, and it’s a great way to show customers you value their business.

But what do your savvy customers do? They cancel. Every. Single. Month. 

And why not? If they can get a 20% discount just by threatening to cancel, good for them. However, it’s still bad for you. You don’t want to retain customers who game the system every month. 

Bellwethr RetentionEngine doesn’t allow that to happen. RetentionEngine is smart enough to know when a customer has threatened to cancel multiple times, and will eventually stop offering discounts to that person. Maybe you call their bluff, or maybe it’s better that they churn. 

ReCharge and Bellwethr RetentionEngine: Better Together

We love ReCharge. That’s why we wanted to make a product that made ReCharge even better. RetentionEngine takes ReCharge’s basic retention tool and supercharges it with artificial intelligence and smart cancellation workflows. 

You optimize every other part of your business—why stop with retention? 

If you’re a ReCharge customer and ready to save more customers, sign up for your free trial of RetentionEngine today!