Introducing Explain It Like I’m 5

Introducing Explain It Like I’m 5

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Natalie Moyer
July 3, 2019

Data mining, gradient descent, contextual bandit, and heuristic search techniques. Any idea what any of that means? For someone with a background in data science or engineering, you likely do. However, for anyone without a technical background, skimming these phrases can feel as daunting as trying to understand a different language.

At Bellwethr, we’re committed to putting the power of machine learning and AI in the hands of everyone, despite their technical background.

We believe that in order for this technology to reach its full potential, it needs to be accessible by anyone and everyone. Because many of our users do not have an extensive background in engineering or technology, we’ve built ELI5 to help bridge the divide between the technical and nontechnical world.

Introducing Explain It Like I’m 5

In the spirit of Michael Scott and Reddit, Explain It Like I’m 5 (ELI5 for short), is our interactive tool to help explain some of the constantly thrown around machine learning jargon, in a simple manner. While we won't really explain it like you would with a 5-year-old, we will explain some of the terminologies in a way that a nontechnical person could find meaningful.

How it Works

Each term under Explain It like I’m 5 has been sensibly placed for your learning, featuring words or phrases currently used to maintain our products. ELI5 makes understanding technical terms/jargon easier than ever.

To see the meaning of a term, simply click on the arrow to the right of it.

Curious to know where else a term is mentioned on our site? Check out the links within each card to see where else that term has been mentioned on our site.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, fill out a form to request a term and someone from our team will add it to the list.

Consider ELI5 as your interactive tool to browse, learn, discover, and contribute to the exciting world of machine learning and AI.

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