9 Recharge Integrations To Make You More Money

9 Recharge Integrations To Make You More Money

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Selina Marshall
February 7, 2020

You’re passionate about your ecommerce business. Maybe you started it as a labor of love, or maybe you had Jess Bezos-sized aspirations from the beginning. Either way, your goal is to get paid doing what you love. Respect. 

Doing what you love is the easy part. Now let’s get you paid. 

If you’re already a Recharge Payments customer, then you know how valuable it is to have the right technology on your side. Recharge is one of our favorite ecommerce platforms for a reason: It just works. 

But if you’re only using the built-in features on Recharge, you’re barely scratching the surface of what the platform can do. Recharge’s integration marketplace is full of powerful apps that will help you grow your business faster and more profitably. 

We already showed you how Bellwethr RetentionEngine can help you reduce churn on Recharge. In this guide, we’re going to look at 9 other app integrations that will help you make more money. 

This guide is divided into 6 categories: Sales and conversion, marketing, customer support, inventory management, productivity, and reporting. 

Let’s get into it!

Sales and Retention App Integrations

1. Churn Buster: Reduce Involuntary Churn

Involuntary churn happens when a subscription customer’s payment fails. It makes up 20-40% of all churn—a huge hit to your bottom line over time. 

Churn Buster will help you reduce involuntary churn. Their Recharge integration plugs directly into your ecommerce store, allowing you to set up custom campaigns designed to retain customers after a payment failure. It will also alert your team of any high-value churn risks, so you can add a personal touch. 

2. Bellwethr RetentionEngine: Increase Retention and Revenue

What Churn Buster does for involuntary churn, Bellwethr RetentionEngine does for voluntary churn, or customers requesting to cancel. RetentionEngine asks customers why they are cancelling, and then offers them an incentive to stay. If the incentives don’t work, customers can pause their subscription instead, or continue on to cancellation. 

RetentionEngine is powered by AI, which means it automatically chooses the best incentive for each customer. Watch your retention numbers will continually improve over time without lifting a finger. 

3. Loyalty Lion: Reward and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty and rewards programs still have a major impact on customer retention. While Recharge does not have a built-in loyalty program feature, you can integrate with one of the best tools on the market: LoyaltyLion. 

LoyaltyLion lets you award points to customers for virtually any activity performed on your site: Following you on Instagram, leaving a review, and of course, making a purchase. Set rewards and tiers that encourage customers to connect with your brand more often. 

Marketing App Integrations

4. Enquire: Marketing Attribution and Post-Purchase Surveys

Marketing attribution—or knowing which marketing channels drive new customers—is incredibly important for optimizing your marketing spend. It’s also a huge headache with today’s fragmented online shopping experience. The easiest way to know where customers came from is to simply ask. 

Enquire allows you to do just that. With Enquire’s Recharge integration, you can ask the question, “How Did You Hear About Us?” during the checkout process. Marketing attribution allows you to double down on your most effective channels and cut the underperformers. 

5. ReferralCandy: Gamify Word-of-Mouth Marketing

We all know word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing channel ever. One great way to increase word-of-mouth is by rewarding those customers who spread the word. 

ReferralCandy makes it easy for any ecommerce business to motivate their “superfans,” those people who love your product and want to tell their friends. Whenever your customers refer a friend to your service, they both get rewarded. The reward could be a discount on their next order, a small gift, or a gift card. 

Referrals are an excellent way to maximize your most valuable marketing resource: your existing customers. 

6. Refersion and 7. LeadDyno: Affiliate Marketing

Imagine having an entire army of passionate customers spreading the word about your business. That’s the power of affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing takes referral campaigns to another level—it allows customers to regularly earn money for sending new customers your way. Refersion and LeadDyno are both affiliate marketing apps that integrate with Recharge. The biggest difference between the two apps is their pricing structure. 

Refersion is better for stores with mid- to high-level price points because pricing is based on quantity of sales. LeadDyno is priced based on website traffic from all sources, not just affiliates. LeadDyno is less expensive for small stores and stores that rely almost exclusively on affiliate traffic. 

Whichever app you go with, affiliate marketing is a powerful, and often underused channel for revenue growth. 

Productivity App Integrations

8. Zapier: Connect Recharge to 130 other apps

Zapier is like the duct tape of the internet. Use Zapier to connect Recharge to 130 different apps, which lets you automate tasks that used to be manual. Some of the most popular integrations include Google Sheets, Slack, ShipStation, and Xero.

Automating manual tasks can save you several hours a week—time better spent building your business instead of working in it. Recharge has a large integration marketplace, but for everything else, check Zapier. 

Reporting App Integrations

9. Glew: In-depth product and ecommerce analytics

Need deeper analytics into your business? Glew goes above-and-beyond basic ecommerce reporting to deliver true business intelligence. 

Glew’s ecommerce CRM helps you build better relationships with customers by keeping all of their information in one place. The intelligence platform also gives you detailed product analytics that help you identify your most profitable products, bundles, and offers. 

Some of the biggest ecommerce brands in the world use Glew to optimize their businesses. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re serious about growth, try Glew. 

Get the Most Out of Recharge

Recharge is an amazing platform for ecommerce businesses. Sure, it has valuable tools like subscription billing and customer journey workflows, but it’s powerful feature might be its integrations marketplace. 

Don’t let cash flow problems sink your dream business. By connecting to these 9 apps (and Bellwethr RetentionEngine, too!) you can grow your business faster and more profitably.