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Automatic, Continuously Improving Experiences

Personalize your site/app with products & pricing for each unique customer automatically. Each new customer teaches your AI what is most relevant so you can deliver a continously improving experience that delivers results.

When your customers visit your website or app, ensure that they see the items/information that they are most likely to be interested in at that moment. Deliver the right experience for the right customer at the right time.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Marketing is no longer generalized, but when your marketing drives a customer to your properties, they receive the same old generalized experience. Bellwethr enables you to serve the experience/content/products/pricing that each unique customer is most likely to be interested in at that very moment. Your personalizer will continuously improve with each customer interaction.

Grow Sales & Customer Satisfaction At The Same Time

Personalization results in happier customers and customers who spend more money. According to many reports, Amazon's personalization efforts result in 60% conversion rate on recommended products and 35% of all Amazon purchases were recommended by their personalization system. With Bellwethr, you can add personalization to your products without the need for Amazon-like resources.