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Recommendation Engine

personalization engine

Automatically deliver the content and images that are most likely to drive conversions from each unique visitor.

Unique Experiences
for Unique Customers

Personalization results in happier customers and customers who spend more money. According to many reports, Amazon's recommendation efforts result in 60% conversion rate on recommended products and 35% of all Amazon purchases were recommended by their recommendation system. With Bellwethr, you can add recommendation to your toolset without the need for Amazon-like resources.


Experiences that Drive Conversions

Bellwethr’s Recommendation Engine helps you create experiences
that will automatically optimize to increase conversions without
technical prerequistes.


Personalized Items

Deliver the elements that are most likely to drive a conversion from each unique visitor.


Personalized Images

Deliver personalized images that are most likely to drive a conversion from each unique visitor.

urls ai


Get a smart url that automatically redirects the user to the webpage most likely to cause interaction.

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Integrations: Connecting To Data



Custom Integrations