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Retention Engine

Identifying which customers are at-risk is one thing. Preventing it is another.

When it comes to the bottomline, customer retention is king. Bellwethr provides a smart mediation to the customer exit process.

Compare Past Customers To Current Customers

Your customer retention engine lets you create variant offers, messages or promotions that could change a customers mind about exiting. The Customer Retention Engine learns which variants are most likely to be of interest for each customer, reducing your churn in an ever-increasing manner.

Smarter Customer Exit System

When it comes to cancelling a service, we've all experienced the pain. Either it's impossible to cancel a service or it's so easy that the business is leaving money on the table. With Bellwethr, you can make the exit process simpler for customers who are determined to quit (which makes them more likely to come back later) and keep those customers who you may have a solution for.

How It Works


Find out why the customers want to leave.


Point the customer to the effective solution.


Offer alternatives (product, option to pause, etc.)


Remind the customer what they will be losing.

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