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A Smarter Link

Bellwethr's learns which pages result in conversions for users and when a new user clicks a link, will send them to the page where they are most likely to convert. Each user teaches what works and what doesn't.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Marketing is no longer generalized, but when your marketing drives a customer to your website, each user sees the exact same page. Bellwethr's enables you to deliver each unique customer to the page that is most likely to result in a positive outcome, conversion, lead, time-on-site, etc.

URLS.AI learns which page is best for each unique
customer and optimizes over time.


Users click on a link
created using

Direct sends the users to the
page where they are most
likely to convert.


Each user teaches what works
and what doesnt work.

A/B Testing was just the first step.

Experimentation determines what leads to conversations, however, A/B Testing falls short, leaving money on the table. A/B testing requires additional analysis and work to implement the winning solution. It also doesn’t take into account that while "A" might be the best overall, "B" might be the best for some users.

Grow Sales & Customer Satisfaction At The Same Time

Personalization results in happier customers and customers who spend more money. According to many reports, Amazon's personalization efforts result in 60% conversion rate on recommended products and 35% of all Amazon purchases were recommended by their personalization system. With Bellwethr, you can add personalization to your toolset without the need for Amazon-like resources.

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