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UTurn: Customer Retention Platform

Bellwethr UTurn uses Artificial Intelligence to reveal which customers are at-risk of leaving your business. With UTurn you'll know precisely which customers you should take action to save and which customers are not at-risk of churning. Start predicting & preventing customers from leaving your business today.

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COMING SOON! Video Intelligence Systems: Turn any camera in any location into a live insight tool. Whether you want to analyze customer facial expressions or track the make and model of each vehicle in your parking lot, Bellwethr POV is a few clicks away from telling you.



COMING SOON! Send email that is tailored for each customer based on what is most likely to be effective and interesting for their unique interests.


How It All Works

Goodbye to One-Size-Fits All Software.
Bellwethr's Products are tailored to your unique needs and unique data.

1. Select Your Product

Select UTurn Churn Prediction & Prevention, POV Video Intelligence, or a custom request.

2. Import Data

Encrypted access or transfer of data (spreadsheets, text, images, video, etc.).

3. Analysis & Modeling

Bellwethr's Data Team will develop and deploy a live version of UTurn or POV that is tailored to your data and instantly begins to return insights.

4. Use Your Insights

Analyze your results in the Bellwethr dashboard, setup automated reporting or even utilize the Bellwethr APIs for integrations with your products.

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