Autopilot For Optimization

Automatic optimization for your business
without technical prerequisites.

Self-optimizing decision engines for conversion & retention.

Continuous-Learning Automation

Automation that learns and improves.

A smart link that picks from multiple pages, sending each user to the page where they are most likely to convert.

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Customer Retention Engine

Learn which actions or modifications should be taken to increase the likelihood of a customer continuing with recurring services.

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Offboarding Engine

Reduce your customer churn with dynamic, personalized alternatives when a customer decides to stop service/close their account.

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AI: Simplicity Is A Result Of Specificity

At Bellwethr, our primary goal is to solve business problems with artificial intelligence/machine learning in such a simple m...

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Bellwethr Selected as Startup To Watch in 2019

We are happy to announce that Bellwethr has been selected as one of the top 10 Kansas City startups to watch in 2019 by Start...

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Supervised Machine Learning

Using computers to find patterns in data that are associated with something. These patterns can then be compared to new data ...

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Reinforcement Learning

Using trial and error to teach a computer program which action is the best option for it to take in a particular sequence of ...

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