Automated Machine Learning
Bots For Business

Build and deploy
machine learning bots with ease.

Deploy continuous learning predictive bots to automatically improve your business processes.

Current Bots

Prediction Bots

Put your data to work. Bellwethr's Prediction Bots find patterns in your past data then predict specific outcomes based on your current data, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Recommender Bots

When a user is interfacing with your app or website, are they finding what they are looking for without a lot of digging? Deliver exactly what your users are want with a data-driven recommendation bots that improve continuously.

Traditional Approach To Deploying ML Models

Automated, Privacy-Preserving,
Continuous Learning Models

Machine Learning Models are traditionally built with static processes. The data is prepared by a data scientist who trains the models on one computer then deploys to a server. The result is a tremendous amount of friction, time, money, quickly outdated models and privacy-concerns.

With Bellwethr anyone can design and then deploy machine learning bots and each bot will prepare the input data, train/learn/evaluate continously, and provide predictions. This allows private data to stay private and continously improving machine learning systems.


With a simple drag and drop interface you can deploy state-of-the-art machine learning bots to start notifying you of specific outcomes and instantly deliver a measurable impact on your business.


Bellwethr enables businesses to deploy machine learning bots in a secure and responsible manner. Training and predictions that can run entirely on-premises or via private cloud instance.

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