Automated Machine Learning
Agents For Business

Build and deploy
machine learning agents with ease.

Deploy continuous learning predictive models and recommender systems via microservice, on-device or on-premises.

Current Agents

Anomaly Prediction Agents

Learn about outliers/anomalies before they are likely to occur. Whether it's customer retention or physical anomalies in a machine, Bellwethr's Anomaly Prediction Agents can keep you ahead of the curve and prevent losses.

Recommender Agents

When a user is interfacing with your app or website, are they finding what they are looking for without a lot of digging? Deliver exactly what your users are want with a state-of-the-art, data-driven recommendation systems that improves continuously.

Traditional Approach To Deploying ML Models

Automated, Privacy-Preserving,
Continuous Learning Models

Machine Learning Models are traditionally looked at as static tools. The data is prepared by a data scientist who trains the models on one computer then deploys to a server. The result is a tremendous amount of friction, time, money, quickly outdated models and privacy-concerns.

With Bellwethr anyone can design and then deploy machine learning agents and each agent will prepare the input data, train/learn/evaluate continously, and provide inference. This allows private data to stay private and continously improving machine learning systems.


With a simple drag and drop interface you can deploy state-of-the-art machine learning agents to start notifying you of specific events and instantly deliver a measurable impact on your business.


Bellwethr enables businesses to deploy machine learning agents in a secure and responsible manner. Training and inference that can run entirely on-premises or via private cloud instance.

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